Insight Onsite

Our Mission
Provide an easily accessible wellness program at work that promotes human connection in a psychologically safe space 


Insight Onsite is an innovative service that businesses can partner with to provide ongoing coaching, for an individual or small group of employees, with a mental health professional during the workday.

The professionals at Insight Onsite are licensed mental health providers who motivate and elicit individual and group discussions by offering a non-judgmental space for sharing and speaking up about life concerns that can impact focus, attention, and clear thinking.

Each meeting with a master facilitator has a focus that is reinforced throughout the session. Participants generate practical solutions to the real-life situations that can impact performance at work. Employees will leave each session with an action plan for implementing the specific strategies discussed.

Professional Coaching Services


Individual Sessions:

A  life health coach provides individual virtual or in-person meetings, during the workday, for a set number of pre-scheduled sessions.


Small Group Sessions:

Group virtual or in-person sessions include a life coach and a small group of participants (approximately 6-8 individuals) who commit to a series of sessions on pre-arranged topics (e.g., communication/listening strategies, parenting a teen, caring for an aging parent).

The professionals at Insight Onsite are also available for speaking engagements and other consultative services.

Getting Started with Insight Onsite:

Step 1

Initial consultation with an Insight Onsite mental health professional and company representative.

Step 2

Development of a customized plan of service including individual sessions and topics for group meetings.

Step 3

A schedule for group sessions is determined and calendar access is enabled for individual sessions

*All Insight Onsite: fees are billed directly to the company and not the employees accessing the services.


From Founder, Dr. Elyse Dub

I am a licensed psychologist who has worked with families, parents, children, and young adults in schools, clinics, and private practice settings for the past twenty years. Given my professional background and experience, I am often on the receiving end of calls from clients, friends, and friends of friends, who find those private corners in offices and share their concerns with me.

From these conversations, I began thinking about how much time and energy is lost from the workday when employees feel uneasy about situations in the own lives and in turn, scour the internet, consult with friends, or call countless professionals looking for answers. My thought developed into a goal of creating a safe place within work environments for individuals to air feelings and concerns with professionals and colleagues who could help with solutions.

Through Insight Onsite I want to provide businesses with a specialized service option that can demonstrate their empathy and commitment to their employees and for employees to feel a different kind of support from their work environments. And from there, Insight Onsite was born as a forum for ongoing discussion and engagement with the issues in one’s life that can impact daily work as a professional.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, the world was turned upside down and entire families began working and learning from home. As a result, we all needed to change. And with this new norm, businesses now have the opportunity, by partnering with Insight Onsite, to respond differently to their employees, not only during this crisis, but also in the future as people start to live and work in a new way.  Businesses can be on the forefront of reimagining human connection, elevating employee satisfaction and building retention.