Insight Onsite

Improve retention by building people connections and belonging at work

Who we are

The Insight Onsite team of mental health professionals is led by Dr. Elyse Dub, a licensed psychologist with over two decades of experience working in the mental health field. As group facilitators, we use our professional background and experience to guide and stimulate discussions.

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Program Features

Insight Onsite helps companies reduce turnover by building connection and overall mental well-being.

Programs Tailored to ERG or Existing Affinity Groups

For Leaders, Teams, and Individuals


Recurring Programs Designed for Long-Term Results

In-person and/or Virtual Meetings


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Small Group Meetings

Ongoing session examples include:

  • Parenting a newborn, toddler, teen etc.
  • Single parenting
  • Living independently as an entry-level/early career path professional
  • Caring for aging family members
  • Affinity Groups

Skills Training

Large and small group trainings such as:

  • Active Listening
  • Empathy at Work
  • Advocating for Mental Health
  • Understanding and Supporting Neurodiversity
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Employee Resource Group (ERG) Facilitation

Manage, coordinate, and lead sessions for existing ERGs and function as expert consultants.

Individual Meetings

Brief and targeted problem-solving meetings that are more appropriate for a 1:1 setting.

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Dr. Elyse Dub is a licensed psychologist with over two decades of experience working in private and public sectors with adults, families, parents, and children. Dr. Dub has several professional publications and is an active member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

Message from Founder

I established Insight Onsite in early 2020 to create a time onsite, be it virtual or in person and during the workday, for colleagues to connect and engage in purposeful problem-solving facilitated by professionals with a mental health background.

The fundamental goal of Insight Onsite is an intentional focus on creating a workplace culture where individuals have the opportunity to be heard, seen, and valued for their unique life perspectives. Insight Onsite aims to establish an environment that builds mental well-being with a strategic focus on what “we” can do together.

Work with Insight Onsite signals a commitment by an organization to their people and it is a differentiator during the onboarding process and beyond. Our business partners are making a conscious choice of committing to their people and to prioritizing connection, relationships, and overall mental well-being for the long-term.